Share His Joy Workshop Series

Join us for a six-week series called Share His Joy Workshops on Wednesday nights from 5:45 – 7pm in Hudson Hall beginning September 6. We will have various demonstrations each week where you will make something to share with a neighbor or someone who is in need of encouragement. Our goal is to share His joy and show the love of Christ. Note: The Sunday, October 8 demonstration will take place from 4-6pm in Hudson Hall. 

You can sign up online for a specific session ($10/week), the entire series ($50 for all Wednesday nights or $70 for all sessions including Sunday, October 8), or the Sunday, October 8 extended painting session only ($20)Visit this link to sign up online, or you may register by emailing Amy ( 

Here is the schedule:

September 6 – Linda Cale – Cooking Session 

September 13 – Aimee Turner – Cookie Session (Farmer's Market Pasta Salad with Parmesan Vinaigrette Dressing)

September 20 – Meredith Cale – Painting Session (Coaster)

September 27 – Sherrie Futch – Cooking Session (Lemon Pie & Macaroons)

October 4 – Lauri Jordan – Jewelry Making Session

October 8 – Jayne Morgan – Painting Session (Note: Will meet on Sunday, October 8 from 4-6pm) 

October 11 – Suzanne Martenson (Stems & Styles) -  Flower Arrangement Session